Discover the true meaning of the Hebrew names by learning Hebrew

Learning the Hebrew language will allow you to truly understand the meaning of each name.

With the right tools and proper proficiency of the language, you could easily understand the meaning of all names since they are mostly a combination of two words in Hebrew. For example, the name אבידן (Avidan) probably doesn't mean anything to you right now but if you were a Hebrew speaker, discovering the meaning of the name would be much simpler - “Avi” means “my father” and “dan” is the past tense of “judge” so together they make a new name which means “my father judged”. This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg as many of the Hebrew names are built like that name, especially names from the biblical era.

Perhaps you’d like to reconnect to your Jewish heritage and give a proper Hebrew name to your newborn? Picking your baby’s name is one of the most important decisions of your and his or her life, you are sealing their fate and, somehow, molding his personality from the very beginning, so you need to choose wisely!

Knowing or learning Hebrew enables us to choose from a wide variety of old, wise, meaningful Hebrew names. Either the classic ones from the Torah, or simple and nice ones inspired in things we have in our daily life – always following our heritage and passing along our traditions. Generation by generation, name by name.

Learning Hebrew won’t only help you pick the right names for young ones, but will also allow you to learn popular stories to read for him or her at bedtime, or gorgeous Hebrew songs to sing along with your little one when it is time to play.

Knowing Hebrew opens up a huge new world of Jewish culture, there’s no way to avoid it. By practicing your newly learned language, you’ll be able to read all about Israeli culture - our songs, our stories, our slang, our food and just about everything that makes up the Jewish-Israeli DNA.

Why wait any longer? At the Rosen School of Hebrew we offer various Hebrew courses. Start today and you’ll be ready for your next visit to Israel!

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